Aaron Carter’s Fiancé Calls Cops As She Moves Things Out Of Late Singer’s Home

Melanie Martin, who was engaged to Aaron Carter, called the police to “keep the peace” while she moved out of the singer’s house.

TMZ said that on Tuesday afternoon, a woman called the L.A. County Sheriff’s office to make sure the process went well. Moving trucks were also seen outside the Los Angeles home as the mom of one, who was wearing a tie-dye hoodie, and a friend loaded her boxes.

Just a few days before she did this, Carter, who was 34, died and his body was found in the bathtub. Reports say that when police arrived, they found multiple cans of compressed air in the singer’s bathroom and bedroom. It was also said that there were bottles of pills at the scene. Martin, who was 30, and Gary Madatyan, who was Carter’s best friend, had been to the house before. The late musician was planning to sell it.

Aaron Carter’s Fiancé Calls Cops
Aaron Carter’s Fiancé Calls Cops

“After they took the dead body out of the house, they only let a few people in. “We just wanted to go in there to see if there was any blood or alcohol or anything else,” Madatyan said on Monday’s “Entertainment Tonight.” When Madatyan and Carter’s on-again, off-again girlfriend toured the house, she saw aerosol cans and the “yellowish” water in the bathtub where Carter’s body was found.

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Martin, who was married to the late singer and has an 11-month-old son named Prince with him, has since spoken out about the terrible loss, saying that her heart is “completely broken.” “The death of my fiance Aaron has broken my heart to pieces. I knew he was having trouble, so I did everything I could to help,” she told People.

“He is very strong and independent, so I couldn’t help him the way I thought he needed it.” “I wish I had more people to help me take care of him. Our son will now be raised by just me. This is the worst day of my life, but I have to be strong for him. I’m crushed,” she said The troubled couple started dating at the beginning of 2020 and got engaged a few months later.

Last year, they had a baby boy on November 22. A week later, they broke up after a fight about Carter’s family that lived far away. During the last few years of his life, the singer of “It’s All About You” had trouble with drugs and his mental health.

In fact, he went to rehab in September to try to get custody of his son back from his ex-wife. The singer of “Aaron’s Party” told The Sun at the time, “It’s an abstinence program, and I work with an individual counselor.”

“I go to group therapy, classes on being a good parent, and classes on domestic violence. I learned how to do CPR and a lot of other things,” he said, adding that all he wanted was his “son back.”

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