3 Killed In Shooting At Kurdish Centre In Paris

3 Killed In Shooting At Kurdish Centre In Paris. Saturday, there were more fights in Paris between police and Kurdish people who were upset that three of their people had been killed the day before.

Cars were turned over, at least one was burned, and small fires were started near Republic Square, where most demonstrations in the city occur, and Kurds held a peaceful protest earlier in the day.

As some protesters left the square, they threw things at police, who then used tear gas to stop the fighting. There were fights for about two hours before the protesters went their separate ways.

On Friday, in a busy part of Paris’ 10th district, a gunman killed people at a Kurdish cultural center and a nearby cafe. This shocked a community that was getting ready to remember the 10th anniversary of the unsolved murder of three activists.

3 Killed In Shooting At Kurdish Centre In Paris
3 Killed In Shooting At Kurdish Centre In Paris

Police arrested a 69-year-old man who, according to the authorities, had just been released from jail while he waited to stand trial for a sabre attack on a Paris migrant camp a year ago.

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The prosecutor’s office said on Saturday that after questioning the suspect, investigators had added a possible racist motive to the original charges of murder and violence with weapons.

After a group of angry people fought with the police on Friday afternoon, the Kurdish democratic council in France (CDK-F) set up a meeting at Republic Square on Saturday.

Hundreds of Kurdish protesters, including the mayor of Paris’s 10th district, waved flags and listened to speeches about the people who had died.

“We aren’t being kept safe in any way. In the past 10 years, six Kurdish activists have been killed in broad daylight in the middle of Paris. “At the protest, Berivan Firat, a spokesman for the CDK-F, told BFM TV.

She said the event turned violent because some protesters were angered by people in a passing car who waved a Turkish flag and made a nationalistic gesture.

Three Kurdish women were killed in Paris in January 2013. The killings on Friday happened just before the anniversary of those deaths.

After the main suspect died just before going to trial, the investigation was closed. In 2019, it was picked back up again.

“The Kurdish community is afraid. It had already been shaken up by the three murders (in 2013). It needs answers, help, and careful thought, “A lawyer for the CDK-F named David Andic, told reporters on Friday.

Kurdish leaders met with Paris’s police chief on Saturday and asked again for the shooting on Friday to be called a terrorist attack.

The prosecutor’s office also said that questions were still being asked of the suspect.

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