2 De@d, Including Infant; On Interstate 15 Near Bonsall, a Rollover Collision Left 4 People Hurt

Two people were killed, including an infant, and four others were hurt Sunday evening in a rollover crash on Interstate 15 in Pala Mesa.

The California Highway Patrol received reports of a collision in the southbound lanes of Interstate 15 near Pala Mesa at 3:13 p.m.

Officers responded to the scene and discovered that the initially reported crash location was closer to the State Route 76/Interstate 15 interchange near Bonsal.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the incident involved a black pickup truck, a white Tesla, and a black sedan. The pickup flipped over and fell on its roof, and the black automobile was smoking.

According to Captain John Choi of the North County Fire Protection District, one ad*lt and an infant died at the scene.

2 De@d, Including Infant

According to California Highway Patrol Officer Hunter Gerber, the pickup truck was going on the road parallel to southbound Interstate 15 when it left the road, went through a fence, and then into southbound lanes of traffic for unclear reasons.

The vehicle immediately collided with the Tesla and a black automobile. According to Officer Gerber, “a very young juvenile” and an adult female perished at the scene.

“DUI could be a cause of the collision, but until a toxicology report, officials won’t know,” Officer Gerber said.

The pickup truck driver was transferred to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. Caltrans’ live freeway cameras indicated that southbound traffic was being routed out of lanes and onto the shoulder.

The crash’s cause is being investigated. Southbound traffic through Pala Mesa was disrupted as far north as Murrieta. Lanes were scheduled to be closed or disrupted until around 11 p.m. on Sunday.

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